We value your time as much as ours.  We pride ourselves in our response time.  Any of your concerns, questions, emails will be handled immediately

(during business hours).

Cancelation Policy

Due to the fact this is a multi joint business advertising product there is a no refund policy in place.  All customers are promised a proof before print.  As long as all customers have their artwork within 60 days of payment.  If you choose to use one of our graphic artist you will receive a digital copy that you may use in the future (we will not watermark).  If we create the ad and any type of cancelation is attempted you will be responsible for the normal graphics rate of $229.99 per hour with a minium of two hours for the ad.  Understand all ads are exclusive so we will not have the ability to replace your ad.


We understand competition simply doesn't work out on any publication so we will only a select few companies by industry per area for each publication.


Reputation is everything for any industry, and we pride ourselves on our reputation.  We are a proud chamber member and we aim to increase your reputation through our publications.